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            SDR School is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi up to Class X (ICSE). English is the medium of instruction. Along with English, Tamil and Hindi can be taken either as second or third language. 

Customized syllabus by XSEED which is a comprehensive programme for schools to enable all children to learn better. It uses experiential and research based methods to ensure all children can understand all concepts taught at school. Its purpose is to unlock the potential of each child.


There will be two semesters in each academic year.  The dates on which these semesters begin will be notified to the parent in advance.  The academic year will normally be from June to April.

Test and Examination

Kindergarten do not have examinations. They are assessed progressively on the basis of their work throughout the year.
Grade I to IX we have formal examinations. The academic year is divded into two semesters.
  for Grade I VIII
Each semester comprises of assesment examination : 1
Diagnostic Test : 2
Reference Work : 1
Content Presentation : 1
Project Based Learning : 1
  for Grade IX: We have Revision Examinations and Periodic Tests.
Leave cannot be availed during the examination and test period.
Ten marks shall be deducated as a whole if a student avails leave the day before examination
Late submission of work related to reference work content presentation and project based learning warrant for deduction in marks.
Progress report card shall be sent to the parents on completion of each format test.
  Remedial Classes are arranged in school between 3.00pm and 4.00pm, to enable slow learners to learn better and be in line with his/her classmates. School transport is provided only on the main route after the Tutorials.


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