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    School Hours

Nursery & Kindergarten
9.30 am - 1.30 pm
Std I & above
ForeNoon Session
09.00 am -12.30 pm
Lunch Break
12.20 pm- 12.50 pm
Afternoon Session
12.50 pm -04.30 pm

Class I & above children must be in school at 7.55 am and LKG & UKG children to be in school at 9.25 am. Punctuality must be maintained and no child should leave school before the stipulated working hours unless special permission is granted. LKG & UKG will be working for the forenoon session only.


If a child is sick and unable to attend class on any working day, a letter or telephone message or e-mail must be sent to the Class teacher on the same day without delay. Request for leave of absence for other reasons must reach the Class Teacher at least 24 hours in advance and prior approval is a must. If the child has to go home, inbetween school hours for a genuine reason, it is advisable for the parents to come in person to pick up their ward. Sending unknown persons to pick up the child will not be entertained or encouraged.

    School Uniform

Nursery & Kindergarten
Boys: Shorts & Shirt with suspender
Girls: Pleated skirt & Shirt with suspender

Grade I-V
Boys: Shorts & Shirt with waist coat
Girls: Pleated Skirt & Shirt with waist coat

Boys: Full Pant & Shirt with waist coat
Girls: Full Pant & 3/4 Sleeve shirt with waist coat

  The uniform may be stitched from the school authorized tailors who have the uniform pattern.

    Wednesday Uniform

Grade I-V
Boys: House 'T' Shirt and House colour bottom
Girls: House 'T' shirt, and House colour bottom

   Co-curricular Activities

Games and Sports are compulsory for all children. Swimming is part of the curriculum. Children will be exposed to Handball, Kho-Kho, Foot ball, Volley Ball, Throw ball, Skating, Carrom, Yogaasana & Chess.

Exposure in this area, to the extent possible depending on the age group will be provided. Facilities to learn Western and Indian Music will be provided. Indian Classical Dance, Western Dance, Keyboard will be taught in School. Lessons in Art, Painting, Abacus, GK and Home Science are part of the Curriculum. Field-trip is part of curriculum where as Excursion is optional. Drama, Debates and Elocution will also be taught. Computer lessons will be provided for all children from class I and above.

Specialised Skill Activities

Specialized Skill Activities will be conducted everyday, out of school hours from 3.00pm to 4.00pm (Monday to Friday). Children could specialize them selves in activities like chess, skating, abacus, swimming, dance and keyboard. Procedure for using Bus Transport

Procedure for using Bus Transport

Transport Facilites will be provided on the selected route and availability of seats.
Students who are undisiplined and do not obey the instructions will not be allowed to avail transport services after three consecutive warnings from the Principal.
Parents who decide to pick up the child from the school must inform the school office
If parents need changes or cancellation in the school transport, they should apply to the principal and obtain permission.
School children using school transport and expected to escorted to & from their pickup points, failing which the child will be dropped at school.

Appointment Procedures

Parents may meet the teachers by prior appointment during the working hours by seeking time slot for the same through the school office.
Parents may meet the Principal by prior appointment or between 1:30 pm and 2:30 pm on any working day without prior appointment.
Teacher can seek appoinement from parents as and when need arises.

Orientation & Parent Teacher Meeting

Orientation Programme shall be conducted for the parents before the commencement of the new academic session.
In an academic year to PWO shall be organised by the school


90 % attendance is mandatory for promotion to the next class.
Attendance is separately marked for the forenoon and afternoon sessions.
  Parents are requested to strictly adhere to the schedule enlisted in the student diary.

Leave Procedure

Regular attendance of every student is expected and no student shall absent him self/herself from the class without prior permission of the class teacher.
If prior Permission cannot be obtained for reasons beyond control, an application for leave duly signed by the parent or Guardian or telephone message or e-mail should be sent on the same day
Parents are requested to strictly adhere to the schedule enlisted in the student diary and plan for their holidays during the vacation period stated in the student diary. Additional days other than those mentioned in the student diary will not be entertained.
Students suffering from contagious disease will not be allowed to attend the class till the prescribed period of quarantine stipulated by the school is completed.
All leave notes should be written in an A-4 size paper addressed to the class teacher and submitted on the day the leave is availed to the school office.
Application for medical leave beyond two days should be accompanied by a medical certificate from school Medical officer.
All the Students should present themselves in school on the opening day and the last working day of the School.
The class teacher can grant leave for two days, and for more than two days the letter has to be fowarded to the Principal by the class teacher.

Library Procedure

Grade III and above students are permitted to enter the library during the break, lunch, own time period and routine library period. Grade II and below can make visit library along with their teacher.
Borrowed library books are to be returned on the due date.
Books borrowed should be kept neatly without marking, underlining or mutilating the book.
Library card will be issued for grade III and above. Library card is to be returned at the end of II semester, if the card is damaged or lost, a fine of Rs.100/-shall be charged.
If books are lost or damaged or badly handled the cost of the book will be levied.

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